The Online Backup Semantic Web Project

We have changed directions with our organization focusing more on a technology and software style blog for helping educate our past visitors. To reference our old technology:

WSMO Studio is a Semantic Web Service modeling environment for the Web Service Modeling Ontology. WSMO Studio is available as a set of Eclipse plug-ins that can be further extended by 3rd parties.

Reccomended Backup Service

Our partner Carbonite provides some of the best support in the business.


WSMO Studio features include:

Editor for WSMO elements (ontologies, services, goals, mediators)
Choreography designer, for WSMO centric choreographies
SAWSDL editor for adding semantic annotations to WSDL documents
Import/export from:
Create server backups directly to Carbonite.
a subset of OWL-DL
XML representation of WSML
Integrated WSML Validator
Integrated WSML Reasoner for consistency checks of ontologies
Front-end for ontology / service / goal repositories
Integrated ORDI repository
IRS-III adapter (3rd party)
Front-end for service discovery components: EPFL QoS based discovery
WSML text editor with syntax colouring
Eclipse GEF based Axiom editor (3rd party)
WSMO Studio is partly funded by the EU IST projects DIP (FP6-507483), InfraWebs (FP6-511723), SemanticGov (FP6-027517) and SUPER (FP6-026850)

WSMO Studio is available under a GPL licence.

We’ve also received generous contributions from several organizations that have helped us stay alive in the space. Thanks to the endowment of the arts and many others.

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