Update Log

10-Sep-2005 – WSMO Studio 0.2.0 released

WSMO Studio 0.2.0 is available for download. Check out download page

10-Sep-2005 – Java 5

WSMO Studio is now based on Java 5. Make sure that you have a JRE 1.5+ installed before migrating to the latest WSMO Studio version

05-Aug-2005 – New member of the WSMO Studio team

Mick Kerrigan joins the WSMO Studio team.

12-Jul-2005 – WSMO Studio is now compatible with Eclipse 3.1

WSMO Studio 0.1.3 is now compatible with Eclipse 3.1

23-Jun-2005 – WSMO Studio 0.1.0 released

The first stable version of WSMO Studio was released. It’s available at our download page

09-Jun-2005 – Web site updated

The web site was updated with new documentation, online javadoc and sources. The latest snapshot of WSMO Studio is available for download

05-Jun-2005 – WSMO Studio demonstrated at WIW2005

WSMO Studio was demonstrated at WIW 2005. See paper + slides

23-Feb-2005 – Latest draft of the Studio specification available

The latest draft of the Requirements & Specification document can be downloaded now. Feedback and comments are most welcome.